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  • Hi, First of all thank you in advance to any responders to this thread because I'm beginning to become discouraged about my website becuase I cannot figure how to accomplish this after relentlessly searching other posts and (and even if I do find something I'm not of the skill level to implement the code without a walkthrough). My application is using the asp.net 4 framework and my membership DB is the ASPNETDB.mdf that comes pre installed in the viswebdev 2010. My application is a stock options mentoring website that will have a student membership for the first three months (enough time to absorb the online classes), then on the ninetieth day when they log in have a redirect to a alumni renewal page which will be a year long subscription where the user can view my current market positions in accordance with the strategy.  I'm hoping someone would take the time to explain to me a way that I can program the datetime of membership and be able to change their role or SOMETHING else lol.  Again if it could be in walkthrough fashion I would very much appreciate it.  Zach
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    You posted this in a Windows Workflow forum, so we don't have the expertise here to answer you.  Please ask this over at http://forums.asp.net so that you will reach a more relevant set of experts and you can get an answer to your question.


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