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  • Performed a "lift & shift" style migration from an on-prem VM (hosted on vCenter) into Azure. The VM was replicated successfully into Azure and once the failover was performed, the Azure VM was unable to be connected to, ping'd, etc. It was powered on, however it was unable to communicate with other VMs. Even VMs within the same subnet.

    One thought is, is that the IP configurations on the on-prem VM (Windows machine) were set to static. And when this was failed over to Azure which utilizes dynamic IPs, this caused an error somewhere. However, I am stuck with the thought that even if at the OS level the IP was configured as its old IP (don't think it would be as ASR automatically reconfigures to dynamic), at the NIC level, the new Azure IP would be able to be reached or ping'd. 

    Our team has identified it is not a firewall issue as the proper traffic is allowed. Our initial thought is to update the IP configs on the on-prem VM to dynamic so that once we attempt the migration again, this will not cause issues. 

    Thursday, September 5, 2019 3:53 AM

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