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  • We are using the code below in Access 2016 and it works great.  However, one of our users has 2 email addresses in their Outlook setup.  We would like to have the "From" on the created email to have the 2nd address ( always come up in the "From" address.  Currently it comes up with the users default email address of and would like to set it in code.  Any help is appreciated.

                Dim olApp As New Outlook.Application
                Dim mItem As Outlook.MailItem 
                Set olApp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
                Set mItem = olApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)
                Dim iFlag As Integer, i As Integer
                iFlag = 1
                For i = 1 To olApp.Session.Accounts.Count
                    If olApp.Session.Accounts.Item(i) = "" Then
                        iFlag = i
                    End If
                Next i
                ' Add the To/Subject/Body to the message and display or send the message
                With mItem
                    .Recipients.Add strTo
                    .Subject = strSubject
                    .HTMLBody = "Attached is your invoice"
                    .SendUsingAccount = olApp.Session.Accounts.Item(iFlag)
                    .Attachments.Add stOutFile
                    If bolSend = True Then
                        .Display    ' To show the email message to the user
                    End If
                End With
                ' Release all object variables
                Set mItem = Nothing
                Set olApp = Nothing

    Thursday, February 28, 2019 6:16 PM

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  • Check out the SentOnBehalfOfName property.

    -Tom. Microsoft Access MVP

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    Friday, March 1, 2019 2:58 AM
  • This did work but the email was placed into the first mail account Sent Items rather than the second email address Sent Items.  Is there a way to control it so that mail goes into the accounting email address?  It is the 2nd email address on this users Outlook accounts.
    Monday, March 4, 2019 4:36 PM