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  • As I understood...

    OLTP databases are normalized in order to speed up inserting (+updating, deleting)  of data.
    The corresponding docs, study materials are based AdventureWorks, AdventureWorks2008 sample databases (MS SQL Server)

    OLAP/DataWareHouses databases are complete opposite:
     denormalized to speed up the querying/reading,
    the data are not being updated/deleted/inserted.
    The corresponding docs, study materials use AdventureWorksDW, AdventureWorks2008DW sample databases (MS SQL Server)

    As I guess,
    the data are being inserted/filled/operated/updated into (1) and,
    (3)what I miss
    for the purpose of analysis, is being transferred (and transformed) into (2).

    Plz advise me the study materials, docs, articles, samples describing (3),
    i.e. transferring the data from AdventureWorks, AdventureWorks2008 into AdventureWorksDW, AdventureWorks2008DW.

    I would prefer the materials illustrating of all (1), (2), (3) design, development and implementation in one continuous  piece on even smaller cases/databases, with possibility to follow it practically step-by-step .


    Tuesday, June 8, 2010 1:37 PM


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