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  • Hi.

    Since update KB2881087, OneDrive for business application has started behaving in a problematic way. Is there a way to report/ask to OneDrive for business developers to restore old behaviour?

    All problem is explained at

    The problem is that before that update (win 7 64 bit ultimate edition en-US), if the startup folder link was removed, that link did not reappear (link inserted only at first folder sync). After that update, the program checks the startup folder link existence and if not present, re-creates it. I use bitlocker in just one partition, where I put the sync folder. After that update I have to remember to delete the link every time I shut down the computer in order to avoid the OneDrive for business job deletion at next startup when the program does not find the folder (protected into bitlocker).

    I need to deploy OneDrive for business into my organization but this problem prevents this.

    I would suggest to developers, as told in the office365 forum, to remove the startup check or, better, to:

    - have an option to modify startup check behaviour or

    - make OneDrive resilient to folder not found behaviour (if it is not found, simply pause syncing -not removing the whole job- , waiting for the folder re-appearing, very useful if using bitlocker)



    Wednesday, August 13, 2014 9:39 AM

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