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  • Hi there. 

    I need to resume a bookmark that I've created in a different workflow activity. Is this possible? 

    In my scenario I have:

    A0: an activity that resume the bookmark ( ==> context.ResumeBookmark(new Bookmark("start"), null) when a certain event is raised. 

    A1: which creates the bookmark and goes idle

    I can see that A0 is executed and the ResumeBookmark is not called initially, which is correct; I can also see that A1 creates the actual bookmark and remains waiting for the ResumeBookmark call. When I trigger the A0's event, a ResumeBookmark command is issued , but then nothing happens in A1 (I would expect the bookmark's callback to be executed. The callback just sets the returning value with this.Result.Set(context, bookmarkString.Get(context)).

    Could you provide me with some additional information on how bookmarks work and help me to understand why the bookmark's callback is never called?

    Thanks in advance,



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