Discovering the Loopback Adapter RRS feed

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  • The documentation for GetAdpatersInfo and the newer GetAdaptersAddresses both state that the return a Type for each adapter and one of those types is Loopback.  IF_TYPE_SOFTWARE_LOOPBACK for GetAdaptersAddresses and a similar one for GetAdaptersInfo.

    Neither of these functions report the Microsoft Loopback Adapter as being a loopback adapter, they return this adapter as ethernet.

    I am using Windows 7, could this be the problem or do these functions not work correctly in this case.

    Is there another way of determining whether an adapter is a loopback adapter? I do not want to check mac as it can be changed, as can the IP so cannot check for 127.* etc.

    Does the Description "Microsoft Loopback Adapter" stay constant? I assume it gets translated.

    Friday, October 2, 2009 1:21 AM