Working with Depth Data RRS feed

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  • Having a few problems working with the depth data, I've been following:

    I manged to get it to work, I manged to get a histogram version of it to work as well. Anyways, the tutorial says it works out the distance to the nearest millimeter, however I'm very doughty of this, Just playing around with it, it seems a little random, or sets seemingly random colours...

    Another thing that bothers me, WHY is it showing two copies of things? ETC: I held a pen in front of the camera, and it shows two pens! What I'm planning on making wont work if it's showing doubles of everything...

    To be honest, so far, the homemade SDKs have proven much more useful then the Microsoft one >_>

    Sunday, June 19, 2011 12:53 PM


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