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  • We will be using MSVS 2010 IDE to set up our load tests, and plan on purchasing one service pack so that we can simulate 1000 users. We have both web applications and client/server applications. This question pertains to client/server applications. The application we are load testing is a Four J product called Genero. When launching the application, the default listerning port is 6400. My question is basic - I am assuming that to test 1000 users, somehow 1000 virtual client machines are set up and on each client, the application is launched (I am assuming that it is launched by the test controller).

    My first question: When a client/server application is launched to virtual environments, can each launched application use the default listening port 6400 as if the environments were physical devices? If a user had launched the application on his/her desktop, the default is 6400. But then, if the application is launched again on the same desktop, the port number is incremented by one to 6401. This is a problem since the programs within the location are listening to port 6400. So, does anyone know what will happen in the virtual environment?

    My second question: If it comes to pass that the mechanics behind virtual environemnts and the launching of applications is such that the port number is incremented by one in the virtual world, then we would have to set the port number upon launching the application, then tell the executing programs the port number that was assigned upon the launch. Is this possible to do?

    My third question: If all the virtual client environments had a listening port of 6400, would the 1000 applications be confused and not know where to go?


    Wednesday, March 24, 2010 8:33 PM

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  • Hi,

    If you are using MSDN with Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 edition, then you don't need to purchase license for any number of virtual Users with controller & agents settings.

    Once go through  links:



    For your question(1),question(2),question(3),Following is answer:

    "Ip Switching" is feature to push "virtual user load requests" from various "ip ranges"
    from different agents

    Go through the link:




    I hope,you will be satisfied with my answers

    if any more query then let me know

    Himanshu Mehta

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