Dynamic XSD for each XML file in ssis RRS feed

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  • Hi , I am working with an XML task in SSIS and requirement as follows

    - We will receive one xml file per day containíng all changes since the previous file. The file is date stamped, showing the period of time the file contains.

    - Initially we will receive 100 files . The package must support more than one file in the input queue, and able to load them in the correct order.

    Need to load multiple XML files in package. I know this can be done through For Each Loop and here i need to pass XSD file at runtime i.e dynamically i have done this thru data flow expressions, This process will work if the source is a single file

    But , i need to load multiple files(almost 100 files) which is same structure . 

    SO, one XSD file would be enough for multiple XML files which has same structure?

    or do we need to have separate XSD file for each XML file? in this case, how to create and pass XSD file for each XML file at runtime?

    can anyone help me on this?

    Tuesday, May 19, 2015 7:31 AM