Why can't Microsoft get my email right? RRS feed

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  • I am supposed to be a Microsoft Certified Partner, I looked into being registered also as a developer next thing I know they switched me to MSDN. I lost all rights and product keys for my internal use software. Okay, now they say the email of a friend, who happens to use the same laptop, is me on the Developer Network. How that changed I had no clue, except she wanted to register as a student with her .edu email. Now I dont know if my One Drive is hers or mine or my old business (which BTW I can't login to cause Go Daddy messed up my domain) I did have a "company email" (, but can't get access to any of that  because Microsoft wants me to sign in to Go Daddy in order to access all my stuff on Microsoft! I think I have a million Azure accounts and have no clue which one I am using so I deleted all of them and am trying to create just one with a trial so I can actually do something on Azure. I think the last email (the******* is my Google mail and should only be used for Google stuff. I have no idea how that got in the mix. Regardless, my main email has stuck and is true throughout Microsoft (the******* That is the ONLY email that should be consistent throughout everything that is me within Microsoft and I should be able to access everything with that email! Lastly, my passwords on my Windows 10 on my laptop, and my Microsoft account are different so that screws everything up when I try to do something on Microsoft on laptop. I hope there is an easy way to convince Microsoft that I want to be a partner and Developer and  a Cloud Provider and all this mess can get fixed!
    Tuesday, October 2, 2018 8:43 PM