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  • I was really excited to install Windows 8 and start playing with it. Here are my first impressions:


    I installed the Windows 8 developer preview on a Lenovo X61. I thought this would work out well as I could put it into Tablet mode for Metro and use the keyboard for development. The install was flawless and fast. I just needed to update a few drivers with the Windows 7 drivers and it works great. I installed off USB too which is way easier than a DVD.

    First Startup

    Dispite the modest specs of the x61; 1.6GHz processor, 2gb RAM it runs and boots fast. Unfortunately the x61 only has pen input and not touch so I did not get to experience Metro the way it should be.

    The pen experience could be improved to work more like a finger than a mouse. It does not make sense that I need to use the scroll bar in the metro UI with the pen versus swiping. This is mainly for people using older hardware like the x61. On a new tablet PC or slate this would not be an issue because it would have multitouch.


    Once in the UI I really like the Metro UI and it is very slick. Very good for a mobile device like a phone or tablet or recreational computing. But once I go into the aero mode I really don't like the fact that the start button forces me back to metro to launch another app. This is not efficient. If I am in aero I want to stay there. The start->run command is key for people who want to start an app quickly. I don't think forcing the user back to Metro to launch aero apps makes sense.

    Friday, September 16, 2011 6:55 PM

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  • Totally agree.
    CPU: Core2 Due E7300 2.66GHz, RAM: 4GB DDR2, OS:Windows 7 Ultimate, OS Disk: 80GB Adata SSD, VGA: 1GB ATI , Compiler: VS 2008 Pro Sp1
    Friday, September 16, 2011 7:04 PM