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  • Hi,
    Well ,I am working in PocketPC (eVC++,VC++6.0)
    I have to Synchronize the PocketPC and DesktopPC .
    For Synchronizing am using ActiveSync
    I have a Folder in the desktop for example D:\Temp\
    I have a Folder in the PockePC in the Device Root for example: \Temp .
    I am coping a text File from desktop and placing it in the Device (PocketPC),
    say for example \Temp\Text.txt in the device.
    when i do this i create a .dat file (say Test.dat) ,now what happens is, i place both Text.txt and Test.dat in the Temp folder.

    so the same file (Test.txt) is copied in desktop ( D:\Temp\Test.txt)
    This for a single file.
    Suppose I have multiple files and large size files, what I did is,
    I transfer all the Files using Getpacket and Setpacket.

    My Problem is
    When i delete a File in the Device corresponding file should also be deleted in the device side .It is not happening.
    In the Same way if i delete a file in the desktop it should be deleted in the
    device side too.
    here is the error message i get when am deleting the file in PocketPC or in the Desktop,
    I get ERROR as "Unresolveditems "
    in Active sync.
    This is a conflict error, How to resolve this issue.
    waiting for ur reply.....
    Saturday, March 25, 2006 4:19 AM


  • Please see your other question for the answer
    Monday, March 27, 2006 5:43 AM