Trying to link Windows container with Linux container thru docker link option RRS feed

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  • Has any one tried linking container running in different host (one daemon run in linux and other in windows server) thru container LINK mechanism.

    I tried linking two container: one running on windows host with container running on linux host thru IP but not thru port linking. MySQL container run in Windows docker host and my Java app runs in Linux Docker host. I am making my Java app connect to MySQL thru IP address. This is one basic way of linking two container and it works successfully. 

    But I am looking to leverage Docker link option. 

    I am able to link container if they all run in same daemon (same host ) but not getting idea how to link if they run in two different port.

    I believe docker compose and kubernetes are basically for container orchestration, probably they may solve my problem. But I am not sure docker compose or kubernetes can detect Windows docker host and orchestrate.

    Any thoughts on it ?

    Friday, August 28, 2015 2:57 PM


  • Currently most of the orchestrators are unaware of Windows as an operating system so much of this type of functionality doesn’t yet work.  But the type scenario you are talking about of building an application based on Windows and Linux containers is very much what we are targeting for our work on containers and with Docker.


    You might also try this question on the Docker forums (https://forums.docker.com/) – I know a number of folks have been playing around with Swarm and Compose support already…


    Monday, August 31, 2015 8:37 PM