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  • Hi all,

    New to the dev game, so please take it easy on me...

    I am developing a windows based app that connects to SQL backend, and a bit stuck on using ReportViewer. I manage to get my report working by defining a DataSet as per most of the internet tutorials show, but my thing is I use a ConnectionString that I build myself (thus can change it through my app.).


    Dim con as New SqlConnection
    Dim SQLConn as String '** This I save to registry, thus read it from reg to build and use it **'

    Call SQLConnect() '** To get and build my con string from reg **'

    con.ConnectionString = "" & SQLConn "" '** which is what I use system wide **'


    From this I run create DataSets to get data from my DB.

    My question is how do I use this way of processing to populate my ReportViewers so that I am not bound to a specifically named DataSet, and rather using my own to create my Report.

    Please assist...

    PS: Newby to the game, but trying hard to learn. 

    Monday, January 12, 2015 5:53 PM