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  • Hi,

    I have been trying to utilize Bing Maps Route Calculation service to show a route between 2 points but not successful as yet.

    I downloaded Example labs and amongst them, "Ex3-RouteCalculation" lab does what i want to achieve but when i run the Solution in the End Folder the GeoCode Webservice returns success in e.Result.ResponseSummary.StatusCode but e.Result.Results.Count equals zero and so message box shows "no results" !

    Please Guide me in this regard.

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  • Did you try using to calculate the route between the two locations? If so, are the result identical to your app?

    There really isn't enough information in your post to really troubleshoot this. It would be more helpful if you could post some code that exhibits the issue, and the two locations in question. Thanks.

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  • To my eyes, the start/end addresses listed in that example: "Microsoft Redmond Building 1, WA" and "Microsoft Redmond Building 9, WA" don't look to be in the right format. Can you try "Microsoft Building 1, Redmond, WA" and "Microsoft Building 9, Redmond, WA" instead? Alternatively, just try supplying any other address that you know to be correct.
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    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:14 PM

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