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  • I've got simple animations going that go left-to-right, and can make them repeat... no problem.

    Now I have two animations.. a forward and a reverse... let's say it's ">" going left to right and it's "<" going right to left.

    I want to start off with the ">" but I don't want to see the "<" until the ">" finishes.

    I'm thinking event triggers, but I also need to turn the images on and off, or set opaqueness or something.

    I can't find a good example (or I'm missing it) of setting a trigger when an animation hits the end that starts another one. Also, to change properties, I have to go to javascript, right? If that's right, then can I launch a javascript at the end of an animation to hide that one, show and kick off the other??

    I know this is probably multiple questions, but can you point me at a good resource or example?

    Thanks -- the font information was great yesterday and I actually got glyphs working :)


    Wednesday, January 24, 2007 7:47 PM


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