Google Apps Integration: Mobile, MFA, & Mail Clients


  • Hello Everyone!

    My company has recently purchased Azure and we are looking to integrate it with Google Apps.

    Due to the our requirement for a a federated level integration we cannot test the deployment without impacting our users so I am asking here.

    After a federated integration between Google Apps and Azure:

    1.) What happens to Mobile phones that have access to Google Apps [e.g. GMail via iOS GMail App/native client, Android Google Sheets App, etc]? Do they get logged out? 

    2.) If MFA is turned on for Google Apps but not for Azure, what is the experience for the affected users? Will they still be prompted for Google MFA or will the Azure policy if non-MFA override the Google Apps policy since they are authenticating with Azure

    3.) What happens to affected users' mail clients? Do they get logged out? Will they still be able to use a mail client for GMail [E.g. Use OS X native mail client for GMail]?

    Thank you!


    Thursday, March 30, 2017 5:47 PM

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