How to configure any Wifi module with DHCP enabled and disabled? RRS feed

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  • Dear Developers

    We are using Redpine Wifi module and we got the installer for the module. We have selected SYS_ETH_80211_NWIFI.

    After successful compilation, we have inserted the module and got the icon. But when we click on that we got some wifi networks. we selected our wifi router with some entries and it connected successfully with our wifi router with default DHCP enabled . and in that the IP address is but ours AP default gateway is

    The we disabled the DHCP and gave one static IP as with gateway, DNS etc. and we tried to ping the target board over wifi with any system and it was pinging. But internet was not working in both the cases DHCP enabled and disabled.

    Any one knows how to configure the Wifi module???

    Tuesday, February 10, 2015 11:12 AM