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  • Just getting started with WF and was working through some examples from a book.  I could have sworn that the example wasnt connecting the activities together, so I wasnt sure if they would get executed or not.  Then I realized he was using a sequence container.  The activities within it get run as you would expect - sequentially. So for anything other than a sequence, the activities generally have to be connected if they are to be executed, correct?

    Also, for a given activity designer, can you only have one main activity that contains other containers?  Isn't the designer itself a container, and so shouldnt you be able to have both a sequence container AND a flowchart container in the same designer, one after the other?

    Friday, June 21, 2013 1:14 PM


  • Each activity has it's own designer that visualizes how the activity executes. For Sequence you get stacked activities, for FlowChart you get connected nodes, for a StateMachine you get connected states, etc. The outernmost region is just a plain container that hosts a single root activity.

    FlowChart has a special flags that raises a compile-time error when there are unconnected activities, but this flag is off by default.

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