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  • Hi Experts,

    i am developing an application that uses entityframework to store the data. I have some columns with not too many data. Therefore i load all tables at Startup and work on the Cache.
    When i call savechanges all updates and inserts are stored correctly in my database. My Problem is deleting the rows. When i call savechanges the rows still exist, the Framework just removes the refrencial keys.
    Is there a way to let savechanges delete the rows from the database and not just dereference them?

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  • How are you deleting your rows?

    Just clearing property/collection on the parent object won't delete referenced/referencing rows, you should call context.DeleteObject() (or context.Table.Remove()) for each that row.

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  • Here is my example:

    public DbSet<Entry> dbsEntries { get; set; } dbsEntries.Load(); //Bind to Datagrid dgData.ItemsSource = dbsEntries.ToList();

    //On Application Exit


    Now when i delete a row in the datagrid only the reference to the parentobject is deleted.

    Is there a way to get all deleted Entries of the objectcontext. I tried DataContext.ChangedTracker.Entries() but in this collection the deleted items does not Show up as deleted, they are marked as Unchanged?

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  • Hi blenet;

    What kind of project are you working on, Windows Form, WPF, Web Project? For example a ItemsControl.ItemSource property from Microsoft documentation, "When the ItemsSource property is set, the Items collection is made read-only and fixed-size.", so the Context should not be updated.


    Fernando (MCSD)

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  • Hi Fernando,

    i am working on a WPF Project. It seems that i found out what is going wrong, maybe have a look at my other Forum post:


    Kind Regards


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  • Hi blenet,

    I'm glad to hear that you have found out the problem.

    Thanks for sharing the solution. Have a nice day!

    Best regards,

    Chester Hong
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