Private store + notifications


  • Hello,

    We are trying to deploy a Windows Mobile 10 App on our private store (enterprise) but we cannot add notifications to it.

    We need to associated with store to enable notification and sign for enterprise to deploy it.

    Doing both generates the following error :

    error 0x8007000B: The app manifest publisher name (CN=E68D7C44-7FD8-4693-832A-91279958F04D) must match the subject name of the signing certificate (OID.0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1=9110505, CN=EnterpriseName, OU=EnterpriseName).

    When we associate application to a windows store application for push notification, it seems to change identity in app parameters. Enterprise certificate with identity "EnterpriseName" is not compatible with an app from same account for enterprise store. 


    See below, step by step from visual studio :


    1. Right click on project (Universal Windows).

    2. Select Store->Associate App with the store.

    3. Choose store application for push notification

    4. Click Associate.

    5. Right click on project (Universal Windows).

    6. Select Store->Create App packages.

    7. Choose Yes(as “App Name" by EnterpriseName)

    8. Choose ARM, Release (ARM) et Generate app bundle : Never

    9. Click Create.

    10. On created archive, ask for signature in powershell:

    .\SignTool.exe sign /fd SHA256 /a /f ...\windows_phone.pfx /p “password” …\CordovaApp.Windows10_1.1.1.0_ARM.appx

    Step 10 is giving the error as previsouly explained


    My questions : 

    1/ What is correct process to make enterprise application (i.e. deployed on private store) able to receive notifications ?

    2/ Any idea about this error ?




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