MP4 Video does not play in Silverlight with proper codec RRS feed

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  • I have a group of videos that do not play in our silverlight player nor in any browser-based silverlight player.  The videos will play in quicktime and flash environments though.  In silverlight, when the URL is loaded, you can hear a brief moment of audio, then the entire contents of the video file will buffer.  Once buffering is completed (over a minute's time), the audio portion of the file will play through from beginning to end, but the video remains blank.

    Can someone tell me based on the video's settings below what is not supported and causing the video to fail?


    codec: AVC

    codec (fourCC): avc1

    codec profile: baseline@L3.2

    frame rate: 23.976 fps

    codec settings (summary): 6 Ref Frames

    QF: 0.113

    Codec Settings (CABAC): No

    Video Stream Bitrate: 2502 Kbps


    FYI, We have other videos that use CABAC, have just 4 Ref Frames, 24.0 FPS, 2200 Kbps bitrate, a codec profile of High@L5.1 and the same exact audio settings that work fine.  Not sure if its the uneven frame or bit rates or the lack of CABAC. 

    Is there some setting that can be used on the media element to allow this to work?


    +Bob Seamon
    Thursday, July 28, 2011 2:02 PM