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  • This relates to a previous question but now has a new direction some I'm asking it here.

    It seems as though my backend on sharepoint is outgrowing sharepoint but more than likely sharepoint is shrinking as from what I gather from speaking to people at sharepoint, I am getting throttled down. Lists are not working correctly  (I've documented this elsewhere) and the common answer is that we are getting throttled down even though probably only 3 of the lists housed there approach 3000 records. 

    The scenario is that my partner and I use the backend from 2 separate PCs at 2 different locations, so sharepoint has been ideal. 

    It's been recommended (by a technician at SharePoint who I spoke to) that I contact Power Bi. I did and they told me that they only visualize the apps, they don't host backends.

    It's been recommended that I use Azure. I spoke the them and for some reason the salesman said I would run into the same problems as SHarePoint (though I think he may be wrong). And that it could be very expensive (I'm not sure why for just the two of us).

    Can any make any further suggestions or help clarify any of the two above so I might go back to them with more information?


    Saturday, November 10, 2018 12:37 PM

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  • I'm afraid I don't know you setup, but if you are only 2 users, are you in the same office?  Why not use a standard Access BE?  Or SQL Server Express?

    If you're not in the same office, then normally Azure is the way to go.  Unless you need web access, then you need to use alternate technologies (PHP, .Net, ...).

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    Saturday, November 10, 2018 2:09 PM
  • Thanks Dan, 

    As I mentioned above, the scenario is that The scenario is that my partner and I use the backend from 2 separate PCs at 2 different locations. That;s why sharepoint has been ideal. From a cost basis also.

    We do not need web access. I'm not sure why the sales person at Azure thought that Azure would not be an answer to our problem. He basically said that since Sharepoint operates using Azure, getting Azure would not fix our sharepoint problem. So I'm kind of at a loss. Maybe I didn't explain our needs or situation properly.

    Sunday, November 11, 2018 12:07 AM
  • Actually, here is a response from someone from Azure. Again, these people seem to be saying Azure won't work?? This was from someone within the Azure program who also handles Power Bi. They did not mention Azure being a solution?? Why would he not mention it??

    Hello Mike,

    Per your request, I've copied below the respond from Nathan with our Azure Solutions team:

    Hi Micheal,

    Thank you for taking an interest in Power BI. I see you filled out a contact form asking for some direction on Sharepoint and Power BI. I wanted to let you know Power BI does not host your data as your sharepoint lists were doing. It’s almost strictly a visual layer to your data. As a suggestion, you may want to migrate your data into an Excel style data source or looking at SQL server for larger data sets.

    If you are interested in pursuing Power BI as your visual layer to data, please let me know and I can speak with you on the licensing and pricing of using Power BI.


    Sunday, November 11, 2018 1:00 AM
  • Actually, in such a scenario I would think a hybrid Azure/Access database would be ideal.

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    Sunday, November 11, 2018 1:07 AM
  • Thanks Dan,

    I'm going to try and speak to them (at Azure) again on Monday. Maybe I'm not explaining what I need correctly. If you think I'm missing something or if there's something else I have to make clear to them please feel free to let me know.


    Sunday, November 11, 2018 2:57 AM