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  • Microsoft has announced that they intend to require driver test submissions to be digitally signed by an organization's EV certificate.  The date of enforcement was announced to be May 1, 2016, however on the page that describes the licenses required for different items, it says that enforcement will occur "later this year."  

    Since we have acquired an EV certificate, I have learned that they are much more difficult to distribute through a large organization.

    To move an EV Certificate to another computer or another person, I need to contact the certificate provider and ask that a replacement certificate be provided.  This request must be made from the computer that I need to install the certificate on.  The certificate provider will void the original certificate and send a new certificate and dongle for the 2nd computer.

    The way I understand this then, is that each person that will submit driver test results to Microsoft will have to individually acquire their own EV Certificate to sign their submissions and preferably order it from their HLK server in order to facilitate signing when the submission package is created.   Is this understanding correct?

    We currently develop and test drivers on many different teams in many different physical locations and this leads us to ask a few questions:

    • Will the procedure for uploading EV certificates to the Hardware development center change?  Will it accomodate several different EV certificates for the same organization?
    • Will each driver test submitter in a company be required to be an Administrator on the Sysdev site in order to upload their EV certificate?
    • Most importantly however is, "When will the EV certificate be required to sign driver test submissions?"

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016 1:41 PM