BTS 2010 - POP3 adapter, message property POP3.ReplyTo is missing RRS feed

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  • Greetings,

    When I receive a multipart message from the POP3 adapter, POP3 promoted properties Date, From, To, Headers, Subject are there, but ReplyTo is not.

    My recieve location is setup: "Apply MIME Decoding" = true and "Receive pipline" = "XMLReceive". I am receiving the email attachment I want just fine, I just cannot get the ReplyTo so I can send an acknowledgement back. I know I could use the "From" property, but I would like to be accurate, and use the ReplyTo incase the email sent intentionally wants the reply sent elsewhere.

    I am receiving the error on my Message Assignment shape with the following expression:

    outgoingMsg(BTS.DestinationParty) = "mailto:" + incomingMsg(POP3.ReplyTo);

    Error Snippet:"Inner exception: There is no value associated with the property 'POP3.ReplyTo' in the message."

    The other POP3 properties (ie: POP3.From) are working just fine. I looked at the message context and indeed there is no ReplyTo property.

    Further, I sent the same email to myself, checked its internet headers in Outlook, and the ReplyTo was there and contained the expected value.

    Is there a reason or known issue with the POP3 adapter in BTS 2010 not correctly parsing the ReplyTo? My searches turned up empty hence why I am posting here.


    -Ryan, Solution Architect


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  • I am not aware of anything but it seems like one of those quirky issues. i know BizTalk has problems with the Base64 messages and certain other MIME structuring of emails. I would build a pipeline component in your receive pipeline to promote the ReplyTo if it is not already set.

    I also know that Outlook functions differently than other mail clients so the way the headers get sent from Outlook can be very different than other clients or server software that sends emails. Overall it is very inconsistent on which headers are set.


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