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  • Hi,

    I have a custom project details page. On this page I have two webparts, 1st Project Fields (where I can select to show and remove fields in edit webparts property Display Project Fields), 2nd Project Fields backward compatibility (where I can not select to show or remove fields / custom fields).
    First question that what if i want not to show any fields from 2nd webpart as it is showing all enterprise custom fields created on project server.

    Second question that, i have a two tables (parents and child) in external sql server database. Now in 2nd webpart (project fields backward compatibiltiy which is showing all custom and project fields) I want to show parent data in 1st dropdown and child data in 2nd dropdown on selection of parent field. How to do this? Any webservice to fetch data from external source? If yes then how to link dropdown with that webservice and what will the event to fetch 2nd dropwn value. Don't know how it will be working on project server.

    Feel free to ask any thing unclear from my side.


    Sunday, March 6, 2011 7:38 AM


  • Hi samwids,

    First Question:

    this is PS2010 defaults behavior when you upgrade from PS2007, since there were no EPT/PDP in PS2007 so all your old projects are by default associated with Basic Project Plan. And Project Detail PDP in backward comaptibility mode appears with all the data. i dont really encourage you to remove that data, instead add your custom PDP to the EPT and rename the Project details PDP something like Old_projectdetails or etc. to let your users know which PDP to follow . also make it part of the training to the users so that they can handle the change easily.


     2nd Question:

    Please excuse if interpret your query wrong, and explain further about what exactly you want to achieve.

    the answer to your 2nd question is in relation with the 1st question also, that use your custom PDP for this purpose. You can use the project OnPublished event to handle this, modify the event to copy the values to custom project lookup table from the external database and then show these lookup table on your PDP. you can use customfield and lookuptable web services to accomplish this.



    Hope this helps.

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    Sunday, March 6, 2011 8:32 AM