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         I have a requirement where-in I have to use light weight DB engine and SQL CE came handy for my requirement. The SQL CE DB engine also comes as a dll and can be included in the DB. I already have a SQL Express 2005 from which my application queries the DB and from where I want to port to CE. The large gap in porting is because of the absence of  SPs in CE. If I am ____ bent on CE can I use LINQ to SQL which executes the SPs and then have CE DB for query. I purpose is to shift the business logic from SP to .NET but do not want to convert the whole of SPs to .NET as there are tons of SPs. With the set-up of having the db file in App_Data(with SPs) and an attached DLL of CE and with LINQ can I have a working solution. The other requirement is not to install DB on the host machine and to make DB a portable one. Please advice. Thanks in advance.




    Wednesday, May 5, 2010 4:55 AM