problem printing with IE 6.0.2 (hopefully resolved in IE 7) RRS feed

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  • I created an HTML webpage so that the output was structured on the paper. It took some time adding a <BR> here , removing a <BR> there, Finally I was down to my last <BR> to remove (it was one line too long on the first page). I removed the <BR> and then nothing would print any more. Clicked on the printer icon, no output. The little printer icon would appear in the status line, but would never pass the job off the O/S's printer driver. I added the <BR> back in and Viola, it prints. take it out, no print.

    This only happens when the document in the browser takes up exactly to the end of the last page. I tried it on more than one machine with more than one printer driver (although both were PCL printers)

    Anyone ever heard of this problem before?


    Monday, July 3, 2006 2:00 PM