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  • I have been a Windows user all my life, so naturally I had to see what is coming next. For the tablet you are definetly on the right track. I couldn't install it on a tablet to see how it performs, but it looks good.

    To improve Metro, I think you need to add running apps to bottom "charms", essentially mimicking taskbar which we all know and love since Win95 and have some way of closing Metro apps.

    That said, desktop experience with the start menu is awful and definetly something I would never use on my machine. I really don't see a point of Metro on a desktop machine where I have a 27" monitor and am looking at text 5" tall.

    So here is what I would do. On install have an option, whether to login to desktop or to Metro. If I choose Metro, then desktop should be an app as it is now.

    If I choose desktop then please let me have a normal start button, and let Metro be an app so I can run it in a window if I want. Maybe I could even run Metro app as a background app, but other than that I really don't see the point of Metro apps on the desktop.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to the beta.

    Saturday, September 17, 2011 6:29 PM

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  • I'm not so sure about this "Metro" thing myself but, as an interim solution, recall that you can create custom toolbars.  I created on with my usual notepad, calc, character map, paint and system resources links just by creating shortcuts from system32.  I created the computer and network shortcuts from dragging those things to the desktop from Windows Explorer -- and did something similar with Control Panel.  Of course, you have to rename those things, stuff them in a directory in your user profile and create a toolbar from that directory.  For the command prompt, I just created a shortcut to system32/cmd.exe on the desktop, renamed it and dragged that to the toolbar directory.  I did the same with IE.  Now, I don't really need the Start Menu.  As I think about it, I used the custom toolbar more than the start menu anyway.  I wonder how this will work out on Windows 8 server.
    John Dodrill
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    Saturday, September 17, 2011 6:45 PM
  • +1 to fico and to mt325000!

    I agree, while I think that metro makes good sense for phones and tablets, I'd prefer to keep the traditional desktop for my PC. Please make it an option for users to choose what they prefer when installing. But allow them to change their mind later of course :)

    I'd also like to be able to run Metro in a window, much like a virtual PC or a remote desktop session, I'm guessing it should not be a problem since the Metro UI is scalable.

    I'd also love it if Metro didn't lurk in the background, consuming resources when not in use.

    I'm sorry if this post comes across as negative, Metro does make sense for tablets, but not for a mouse and keyboard environment. Besides touch screens on my PC would be pointless because both of my monitors are further away than my arms can reach :)

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