MultiSourceFrame is not IDisposable RRS feed

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  • I followed the second video of the jump start.

    However, I am not allowed to use "using" with "MultiSourceFrame" and I got this error.

    Error 1 'Microsoft.Kinect.MultiSourceFrame': type used in a using statement must be implicitly convertible to 'System.IDisposable'

    This is my code            

    void multiSourceFrameReader_MultiSourceFrameArrived(object sender, MultiSourceFrameArrivedEventArgs e)
    	using(MultiSourceFrame msf = e.FrameReference.AcquireFrame())
    		if (msf != null)

    There is no problem with BodyFrame, DepthFrame and InfraredFrame as they are IDisposable.

    How can the tutorial built it successfully?

    Do I really need to use "using" with the MultiSourceFrame?

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014 5:55 AM


  • The videos were recorded using the first preview SDK. We since updated the inner working to make it easier for developers with later Developer Previews and final release. Have a look at the Coordinate Mapping Basics-WPF sample to confirm the pattern you are using matches.

    Carmine Sirignano - MSFT

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014 6:31 PM