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    Last week i posted a thread asking for help with a notification problem.

    When tasks or workflows were kicked off email notifications would not be sent though they were configured to do so. Instant alerts still worked (access requests; etc...).


    :: our Solution ::

    Keep content DBs, Delete Web Apps, Rebuild Web Apps, Reattach content DBs


    :: our research was done in preprod environment with a mirrored farm/HW setup ::


    After reading a lot of good information about similar issues (particularly this one by Mel Lota: ) i began troubleshooting.


    Exchange was eliminated first (telnet from the frontend boxes to exchange worked fine).


    I built a new site in the OLD Web App and content DB; notifications did not work.


    I built a fresh WebApp w/NEW content DB. From this the notifications worked fine.


    I tried to move the NEW site to the OLD Web App and content DB. Notification no longer worked. When i returned the NEW site back to the NEW content DB notifications still would not work. I nuked the NEW WebApp and content DB and built fresh ones.


    Next i decided to move a site that i knew was not sending notification properly from an OLD Web App and content DB to the NEW ones. As soon as i did the notification began working again.


    I then moved the OLD content DB to the new WebApp. Notifications began to work.


    When i began comparing content DB tables between the current and the NEW DBs i noticed a couple differences; the main ones being the structure of the DBs were not the same and the OLD DBs had multiple dates associated with table construction. While this was no indication of a problem it got me to thinking about when the current DBs were created. These databases had been upgraded from Portal03 / WSSv2 to MOSS07 / WSSv3.


    I still have some questions to be answered but the notifications are now working correctly:

    why would someone receive an email if thier name was in the CC: line but would not if there name was in the TO: line

    while notifciations are working again what was it in the OLD content DBs that was causing the notification failure.


    hope this saves someone time in the future...

    Wednesday, January 16, 2008 7:36 PM

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    We got that problem too,  upgraded form WSSv2 to WSSv3, could you please kindly advise which table i should check and how to fix it without create new DB?
    Monday, January 21, 2008 10:39 AM
  •  tancy wrote:


    We got that problem too,  upgraded form WSSv2 to WSSv3, could you please kindly advise which table i should check and how to fix it without create new DB?


    Yes, ours was an upgrade from WSSv2 to WSSv3.


    We didnt use new DBs for our solution (though as part of the research we created new DBs).


    The solution we used was:

    1-Back everything up

    2-disconnect the content DBs

    3-delete the WebApps

    4-Create new WebApps (with same parameters as deleted WebApps)

    5-Connect the content DBs back to the New WebApps.



    Those steps are an overview but that is essentially how we resolved the issue.

    If you can reproduce the issue in a Dev environment (as we could) then create a New WebApp and content DB, create a Issue Tracking list and assign some tasks. By default the notifications should kickoff every 5 minutes.


    Again; we didnt use new content DBs in our solution. Only new WebApps (deleted the old WebApps and created new ones to mimic the deleted ones).


    hope this helps.



    Monday, January 21, 2008 8:29 PM