TableAdapter when using an Oracle DB is including the db name in the auto generated queries RRS feed

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  • I developing an ASP.NET web app with an Oracle DB data source.

    I have installed the Oracle Developer Tools for .net and generally everything appears to function correctly but I have the following issue.

    My solution includes a DataLib project with datasets for each table.  When I make a new dataset, I drag the table of interest from the server explorer onto the blank dataset and the typed dataset and its table adapter is created.  When I view the properties of the table adapter, I can see the text of the Select, Insert, Delete, and Update querries.  These querries contain the name of the db (HR in this case)  as part of the table name such as:  INSERT INTO "HR"."COUNTRIES" ("COUNTRY_ID", "COUNTRY_NAME", "REGION_ID") VALUES (:COUNTRY_ID, :COUNTRY_NAME, :REGION_ID).  This would appear to limit the application to always use a db name HR vice any db with a matching schema based on the connection string.  The name of db in the querries is present in the ddl that is generated and my customer's Information Assurrance staff is objecting to this.  The curious thing is that if I simply open each query using the query builder and resave it the name of the db is no longer in the query and everyone is happy.   I haven't seen this behavior using SQL so this appears to be related to the Oracle tools. 

    Has anyone found a way to cause the autogenerate querries to not include the db name?


    Thursday, October 14, 2010 3:59 PM