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  • Hi, I watched Wouter Van Vugt presentations where he presented two ways of extracting data from word document, one using xslt when the data is in document itself, and une using c# code where he extracts CustomXmlPart when the word itself contains separate xml document that caries data. I want to implement reverse process, I want to create document templates and to fill them with data programatically. When I assign XmlSchema to word document I get nice experience when I design word document , but in that scenario I can not extract CustomXmlPart that caries data and replace it with real data because the word does not create separate customXmlPart file that caries data but stores data inside document itself in document.xml. I could try to replace only that data but it looks like the problem will occur with collections and other complex types of data.


    Is there any sample how can I design word document using schema that is assigned as structure and later fill document programatically with xml data?



    Indigo Cowboy

    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 6:22 PM