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    We are trying to certify our smartcard minidriver for Windows 8 using HCK. The HCK studio automatically (and correctly) detects the Device.Input.SmartCardMiniDriver feature (among others), however it does not display anything under "Product Type" (and during submission the Dashboard displays "Other Device" instead of "Smart Card"). According to the Windows HCK Product Type Test Matrix (, the feature Device.Input.SmartCardReader applies to smartcards as well. After adding this feature to our HCK project, another 4 tests appear, one of which (Ifdtest2 Part D (SC Reader, LOGO) - (Manual Test)) requires "the PC/SC test cards".

    Now this seems unreasonable - we are testing our smartcard, not the reader. The reader has already been certified by its manufacturer. Moreover, this was not required in WLK for Windows 7. These points make me doubt, so before ordering the PC/SC test cards (which by the way are more expensive than the certification itself), I would appreciate if someone could confirm that these smartcard *reader* tests are indeed required for minidriver certification.

    If they are not required, what do I need to do in HCK in order to create a Smart Card Minidriver submission package?


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    Ondrej Tethal

    Monday, March 18, 2013 12:15 PM