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  • hi every one

    i use sql server 2008 and visual studio2008 .

    i got dropdown list control ,it reads from database i want to update it every second to

    read any changes from data base  so i use sql cashing dependency and use timer ajax 

    control to run cashing code every second i set interval property to timer ="1000" .

    it works in agood way but the problem is that if the timer stil work for 6 or 7

    houres it causes error and stop working!!!!

    i do not know why???

    is this timer can not work forever??or i have to disable it for awhile and enable it

    again??is it a heavy load to set interval every second  forever??

    please inform  me


    best wishes

    fatma mohamed
    Thursday, April 29, 2010 10:03 AM


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