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  • Hi,

    Let me explain the scenario in detail, so that you can help us guide the appropriate solution.

    1. We are triggering a set of 38 emails with different subjects and with different attachments from a application which is designed in .net using standard Microsoft functions. Each mail was triggered from application for once only

    2. The emails are relayed to exchange in a span of 1 minute at a particular port number

    3. Appropriate logs are also maintained at application level which indicates that the messages along with correct attachment and proper recipient addresses are being passed on to exchange when relayed from application to exchange with no exception seen in logs

    4. An unusual behavior is seen from Exchange as below

    a) out of 38 messages only 27 were delivered to end recipients which were marked in TO and CC

    b) out of these 38 messages few messages lacked attachment and also the mails which lacked attachment showed no information in TO and CC to the recipients, but however these mails were delivered to the recipients successfully

    c) out of the 38 unique messages relayed to exchange the last message i.e 38th message was repeatedly sent for multiple times by exchange

    d) The drop in messages (out of 38 triggered)  is also not sequential and adhoc

    e) The protocol logs of exchange shows information for only those 27 emails which has been addressed by exchange and gives no information about the non delivered 11 emails (though it has been sent from application correctly)

    f) The behavior is seen more unusual when external domain IDs are included in the emails

    5. Need to understand where the actual troubleshooting needs to be done, at Exchange or at application level

    and request you to share the appropriate forum where we can refer this case


    Amit Ningurkar

    Monday, November 16, 2015 5:33 AM

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  • Check the tarpit interval on the receive connector.

    Check how many emails are sent in 5 seconds from the application

    Try doing a message tracking and see the results

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    Tuesday, November 24, 2015 7:11 AM