Complete text box becomes link in outlook RRS feed

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  • Hey there!

    I tried sending a work invitation with Outlook, but something went wrong. I added a text box to place the text and a header in, in order to give the whole invitation the look and feel of my company. However, somehow when I send the mail the whole text box becomes a clickable hyperlink to the first link that is in the text. If I would only have one link in the text that wouldn't be such an issue (still ugly), but because I have several links in the text this is extremely annoying.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong with the border, or the html profile of the message, but I can't figure it out. It all looks good when making the email, but after delivery the box simply becomes a single clickable object.

    Anybody know how I can fix this and just make all the links clickable individually and still have the text box? So again, in short, the problem is that it creates a single clickable object out of the box, instead of a normal box, with text in it, some of which are links.

    Wednesday, October 19, 2016 12:54 PM