Embedding documents in Word 2007 document RRS feed

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  • My app creates MS Office Word 2007 documents from user provided data, which includes user submitted office/PDF documents.


    Currently, I am able to embed documents into the Word 2007 document with the following C# code:


    Code Snippet

    if ( localAttachment.IsOffice2007Document )


    openXmlPart = mainPart.AddEmbeddedPackagePart(localAttachment.MimeType);


    else if (localAttachment.IsOffice1997_2003Document )


    openXmlPart = mainPart.AddEmbeddedObjectPart(localAttachment.MimeType);



    // Reads file from database to openXmlPart source stream





    After this code I insert the reference to openXmlPart into a node in the document.xml file to make it visible.  This works great with all office docs (Word, Excel, PPT).


    Now i need to insert PDF files in the same manner.  I have tried reading the stream into both Object and Package Embedded Parts, with no luck.  In the resulting office doc the OLE Object embedding is not in the embeddings folder.


    I have seen this issue before, when trying to embed office documents using the wrong Embedded Part.


    What do I need to do to properly embed the PDF document in the word file?  I have also tried the other embedded parts (AlternateFormatImportPart and EmbededControlPersistencePart) and they do not work either.


    Any ideas?

    Wednesday, August 13, 2008 7:57 PM