Problem with my windows store app that I just submitted


  • My app was just submitted to the windows store but I don't understand why is the background is black.  My .png files all have a transparent background and I set the Background color: to #ffffff, Also I set the Foreground text: to Dark?  Should this be light?  I thought that was just referring to the text portion and not the background.  Please help.

    Here is the link so you can see what I mean:




    Thursday, October 23, 2014 1:22 AM

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    Thursday, October 23, 2014 7:50 AM
  • Hi Janice,

    Can you share your XAML with us?

    If you set the background as white with transparent image background, should work as expected.


    MSDN Community Support

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    Thursday, October 23, 2014 8:25 AM
  • The setting are in the package.appmanifest


    Thursday, October 23, 2014 11:39 PM
  • The branded colour in the manifest is not used for the page background. It is used for the tile and splashscreen backgrounds and other branded highlights.

    You can set the same colour to your page's background if you'd like.

    A better option may be to set the page's or app's RequestedTheme="Light" rather than setting the foreground and background directly. This will show black text on white background by default, and it will automatically switch in high contrast modes. If you directly set the background and foreground then you will should set the colours in theme resources so they don't break in high contrast mode. See Supporting high contrast themes and XAML high contrast style sample.


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    Friday, October 24, 2014 1:24 AM
  • I changed the theme to light as suggested and re-submitted the app, but that pic did not change, the background is still black.
    Saturday, November 8, 2014 3:02 PM
  • Did you remove the explicit background and foreground color settings?

    Can you share a minimal sample that demonstrates the problem?

    Saturday, November 8, 2014 3:41 PM
  • The link is above, copy and paste the url, the app is in the windows store.

    here it is:



    Monday, November 10, 2014 11:21 PM
  • That's your full compiled app.

    If you want help examining your code to see how you are implementing it then please share on your OneDrive a minimal sample project that demonstrates how you are setting the themes and colours.

    Monday, November 10, 2014 11:30 PM
  • This is taken from the app.xaml file:



    In the package.appmanifest I have it set like the following:

    Foreground text: Dark

    Background color: #ffffff

    Hope this helps, I can't copy code from the package.appmanifest

    Thanks again for your time and consideration

    Tuesday, November 11, 2014 2:52 AM
  • Unfortunately that isn't enough to see what is going on. I'd check for hard coded colours in the actual page you are using, but without being able to see all of the moving parts I'm just guessing.

    If you want help examining your code to see how you are implementing it then please share on your OneDrive a minimal sample project that demonstrates how you are setting the themes and colours.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014 6:22 PM