Naming conventions in Visual Studio


  • Hello

    I'm developing software who is updated every single year on the same time. I have decided to set up on Solution which have the name "Kvarkur" which is the name of the software. And one Project is created for each year.

    But I heard somewhere that it's not good, or not possible to start the name of the projects on numbers. 

    So my question is should I name my projects like:

    • 2016.Kvarkur
    • 2017.Kvarkur
    • 2018.Kvarkur

    or should I name it like this:

    • Kvarkur.2016
    • Kvarkur.2017
    • Kvarkur.2018

    My main thought is do can I face error or some difficulty on the way if I use eater one of the naming conventions?

    Wednesday, April 25, 2018 6:14 AM