VSO Test Management


    1. we have requirement to get the Result(Outcome) of the Test Case ID's from particular suite of the Team Project.
    2. below is our code snippet
         ITestPointCollection points = testPlan.QueryTestPoints("SELECT * FROM TestPoint WHERE SuiteId = '" + strSuiteId + "'"); // Selection of Suite Id
                            ITestSuiteBase suite = teamProject.TestSuites.Find(Convert.ToInt32(strSuiteId));
                            run = testPlan.CreateTestRun(false);
                            // Selecting all test cases of suite id to a run object
                            foreach (ITestPoint p in points)
                                run.AddTestPoint(p, null);

                            ITestCaseResultCollection resultCollection = run.QueryResults();

                            foreach (ITestCaseResult TCRes in resultCollection)
                                strTestCaseId = TCRes.TestCaseId.ToString();
                                strTestCaseTitle = TCRes.TestCaseTitle;
                                strConfiguration = TCRes.TestConfigurationName;
                                strTestCaseComment = TCRes.Comment;
                                strTestCaseResult = TCRes.Outcome.ToString();


    but we are getting the Outcome as "None" even though the result is "Pass/Fail/Blocked".

    Please help with this ASAP.

    Wednesday, May 3, 2017 10:03 AM