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  • I have an app that is already submitted, approved
    and available in the Windows Phone store.
    It was written to support just one language, en-US.
    It currently supports Windows Phone OS 7.1

    Now i've decided I to create a spanish language version of my app.

    It seems I have 2 options, listed below:

    Option 1:
    1) make a 2nd copy of the existing app code.
    2) manually change all the text in the app to spanish.
    3) submit a 2nd xap for spanish language only markets.

    Questions about the first option:
    1) can I rename the app to a spanish language name?
    2) can I use spanish language icons and screenshots?

    Option 2:
    1) Localize the existing app, ie, use AppResources.resx files to contain all text.
    2) Submit a new updated version of the existing app.


    Questions about the 2nd option:
    1) how can i change the app name and screenshots to spanish language translated ones?

    2) Windows Phone OS 7.1 supports only one spanish language, es-ES.
    Will someone using Windows Phone 8 and a language setting of say, es-MX, be implicitly
    set to es-ES? Or, do i need to re-compile the app to support Windows Phone 8 and use
    separate resource files for all spanish languages supported?
    ie, can I use just one spanish language support? or do I need to explicitly target
    ca-ES,es-ES, es-MX.

    Thanks, Kevin




    Tuesday, November 5, 2013 6:01 PM