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    I'm making my first report in Visual Studio 2008 and I cant figure out how to calculate the Percent of Total?  Assuming I have a field in my datatable called Color, I simply want to create a report that counts the occurences of each color and then perform a calculation as to what percent of the total that each of the colors make up.  Basically a report that looks like this....


    Color  Count   Percent

    Red     50       25%

    Blue    100     50%

    Green  50      25%

    Total    200


    I am using a microsoft report (.rdlc).  I have a table that has a header, a grouping row based on Color, and a footer. So using the report expressions, my table looks like this


    Color                         Count                                  Percent

    =Fields!Color.Value    =Count(Fields!Color.Value)    WHAT EXPRESSION GOES HERE?!?!?!







    Monday, March 24, 2008 7:42 AM