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    I am using Visual C++ 6 to automate Word.  During the WindowDeactivate event I search the active word docs using some FindWindow code (below).  When it finds it, if it is the document that was generated by my app, it sends a Quit message to Word.  The in the quit handler, I save the document to various places.

    SOMETIMES it comes up with a "File In Use" message. I can't find out why it is doing this or how to prevent it.

    BOOL CFindWindow::Find(CString csWindowTitle)
    //First use Find Window to see if there are any instances running ....
    DWORD dwThreadId = GetCurrentThreadId(); // Get the current thread id
    HDESK hDesktop = GetThreadDesktop(dwThreadId); // Assign the desktop thread id to hDesktop

    g_bFound = FALSE;
    g_iFoundCount = 0;

    g_csWindowToFind = csWindowTitle;

    g_csWindowTitleFound = "";

    EnumDesktopWindows( hDesktop, FindWindowInstance, 0 );

    return g_bFound;

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