Shell Launcher configured by SCCM Compliance Baseline RRS feed

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  • Ok, so I know that Shell Launcher is working, but how do I apply it via SCCM Config Baselines.

    On my reference PC, if I long on as domain\lockdown1 the shell launches CMD.exe :)

    logon as domain\lockdown2 the shell launches notepad.exe :)

    So I Use the Labgenerator tool to create a CABinet file and import it into SCCM and deploy it to another domain PC. [Evaluate] and it's working because the Keyboard Filter is now applying (Ctrl-Esc is blocked)

    But the Shell Launcher doesn't work.

    But interestingly, if I export the Powershell from my reference PC and run it on the domain PC, bingo the shells are working as per the reference PC.

    The EventLog for ShellLauncher doesn't record anything either until I run the Powershell script :(

    What is the correct procedure for using SCCM to manage Shell Launcher? 

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    Friday, June 5, 2015 4:02 PM