Which technique is better Win32 Named Pipe or WinSock 2? RRS feed

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  • I have Visual C/C++ program which is going to communicate with other Programs(both local and Non-local) over the Intra-net(LAN).Previously I used win32 Memory Mapped Files/Events to communicate locally. Now I want to extend my program to support over network communication.

    Since MMF doesn't support network Inter-process communication(term should be Intra-Process Com') it's obvious I have to use Win32 Named Pipes Or WinSock2 mechanisms in order to transferring data through local network.

    Here my only intention to build a Intra-network Process communication only, So which mechanism perform better with respect to following factors:

    • Single Server Multiple Clients - (Duplex -> Transmit & Receive from both end)
    • Transmit data through slow Local Area Network
    • Server is basic Visual C/C++ Program and Client end is DLL loaded by another process therefore functionalities should be light-weight.
    • Transmission Speed (Data should transmit between process with higher frequency)

    Which mechanism should be implemented ? Named-Pipes or WinScoket2 ?

    Thank you.

    Monday, February 20, 2017 6:23 AM