Allowing access to the printers custom API RRS feed

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  • Hello.

    I'm having an issue, with a printers API, on a store app.

    Here's the rundown. Printer is a Seiko RP-B10, not the greatest, but works.

    The printing side is done, been tested, works, 0 issues. The thing is, the printer is connected to a drawer, that I need to open on command. The printer provides a decent Win32 API that allows me to do it, it also provides a wrapper for said api to use wih .net, which is what I'm using.

    I can load the dll, without issues, but when trying to connect to the printer is where the problems begin.

    In a desktop app I can connect and do everything without issues. On the store app, whenever I try to connect to the printer, I get the error "Language Monitor is not running or failed to get status info from LM". Language Monitor is part of the SII Integrated Printer Driver, which I'm guessing that the access is being blocked.

    Is there a way to get around this?

    Wednesday, January 15, 2014 12:23 PM