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  • I've tried to hash this out on my own and have been thus far unable to successfully do as such.  Therefore I'm hoping upon hope that someone has had a similar issue or knows the answer!

    Here goes!  What I'm ultimately hoping to do is pass the value from a custom column (named 'Code') through to the "Transaction" item created by clicking "Check Out" in the 'Library' list.  When clicking on "Check Out", it already passes the ListID (which somehow is translated into the "Asset Name") over to the "Transaction" item via the following: http://blah.blah.blah/library/transactions/checkout.aspx&AssetID=#

    I don't even fully understand how it does THAT (as neither the Setup workflow nor the CheckOut workflow seem to perform that function).  Back to the need... What I want is for it to not only pull the Asset Name over to the Transaction item, but also the value for Code for the corresponding Library item as well.

    ANY help would be very much appreciated!
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  • Honestly I don't knwo either. But if they are using a Data View (to add the QueryString param) you should be able to edit it and add additional fields to the Query String. Are the items displayed in a web part?

    Just guessing...
    Matthew McDermott, MVP MOSS
    Wednesday, December 2, 2009 9:29 PM