Possible to create Keyboard Shortcut for Visual Studio Code Task?


  • hi

    read this article on Visual Studio Code keybindings. 

    My tasks.json contains the following task:

     // Open in browser
        "version": "0.1.0",
        "command": "C:\\Users\\BOOM\\AppData\\Local\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe",
        "isShellCommand": true,
        "args": ["${file}"]

    I can type ctrl-shift-b to execute the above task, which is the "build task" keybinding. 

    But what if i have more tasks? How can i create a Keybinding for just this one Task?

    Is it even possible to add more tasks to the same tasks.json file? Do i need to create separate task files?

    This blogger says 'I don't (yet) see any way to add multiple tasks to the "tasks.json" file'


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